Program starts at 2:00 pm (Denver; MST) time on December 1 2020. Please click on this link to check your local time/date.

Session 1 – Opening Plenary: Reasons for Optimism  (55 mins)

Engage in dialogue with leaders creating sustainable solutions at universities, in implementing Net Zero, driving forward curriculum, ensuring our campus’ are living labs, and more. Youth leaders who attended COP26 will moderate this session, bringing in diverse voices from youth participants in attendance. How can optimistic youth make change within their campus? What does COP26 mean for higher education?

  • Richard J. Koubek, President, Michigan Technological University
  • Scott Ferraro, Net Zero Director, Monash University
  • Diana H. Wall, Director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University
Session 2 – Youth Voices Live (55 min)

Youth from all over the world will deliver short, dynamic presentations about their local, regional or global research and impact, and their recommended actions. There will be three concurrent sessions on the following themes.

  • Youth action, decarbonisation and net zero strategies
  • Local to global climate action to advance the UN SDGs
  • Transformative science: Connecting society to nature

Please click here to see the student speakers and times for each concurrent theme.

Session 3 – Youth As Agents of Change: Youth Dialogue with Industry and Government Leaders (55 min)

Engage in dialogue with industry and government leaders. How can we pull on levers to create change? What are key innovative approaches for making real world change? What do the outcomes of COP26 mean for industry and government, and how can youth get involved?

  • Brandon Jones, Program Director, Geosciences and Education Divisions, US National Science Foundation 
  • Jeanne Beacham, President and CEO of Delphon Industries
  • Terence Jeyaretnam, Partner at EY, Climate Change and Sustainability Services Australia
Session 4 – Youth As Agents of Change: Youth Dialogue with Industry and Government Leaders (55 min)

COP26 has concluded. What happens now? Youth leaders who attended COP26 in person or virtually will moderate this open session. Summit participants will be invited to share their ideas and questions on next steps following COP26. Engage in open dialogue about the role of youth in determining a positive future.