Road Home from Glasgow VIRTUAL Conference – December 2021

The Road Home from Glasgow Post-COP Conference (hereafter Post-COP Conference) is organized by the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH) with the goal of convening students to prepare them to have effective engagement at the climate-policy interface on the international stage, in their local communities, and on their home campuses.

We are seeking abstract submissions centered around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as conservation, sustainability, parks and protected areas, urban ecology, social sciences, etc. This application is for anyone interested in presenting at the Road to Glasgow Post-COP conference. This is the fourth Global Virtual Conference hosted by YEAH. The conference is December 1st, 2021 from 2-6 PM US Mountain Time.

Road Home from Glasgow VIRTUAL Conference Registration form
Road Home from Glasgow VIRTUAL Conference Application – ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM – Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 11:59pm US Mountain Time