Preparing the youth to collaborate for global environmental sustainability

YEAH for the Sustainable Development Goals!

We are a group of people from higher education institutes from across the globe with a common vision: 

Equip the youth with real-world experiences of collaborative and evidence-based approaches to global environmental sustainability. 


Reach us at yeahnetwork@mtu.edu

2nd Global Virtual Conference of the YEAH 2020

The 2nd Global Virtual Conference of the YEAH, held on Wednesday, December 09, 2020, was a major step toward our mission. The theme of this conference was SDGS for the SDGs: Students Doing Goal-Oriented Science for the Sustainable Development Goals. We hosted individuals from diverse research and academic backgrounds to share their research and knowledge of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from any discipline in a supportive and encouraging environment. Please find the incredible research, aspirations, and ideas shared by students from across the globe on our Padlet.

Through opportunities, such as the 2nd Global Virtual Conference of the YEAH and seminars, we are excited to provide students an opportunity to practice and prepare for COP26 scheduled to be held in Glasgow on 1-12 November, 2021! 

Dragons, dungeons, and sustainability…GOALS!










Peer reviews

Climate change and biodiversity:  Is it a lack of evidence that curbs peoples’ faith in the promise of SDGs for a greener, environmentally healthy future?

The opening plenary discussion of YEAH Global Virtual Conference 2020

Professor Dr. William Sutherland and Dr. Joyeeta Gupta provide insight into the need and applicability of the SDGs in context of their experience in policy-making and evidence-based science.

Influencing behaviours regarding the SDGs: What comprises meaningful environmental activism and sustainability efforts?

The closing plenary discussion of YEAH Global Virtual Conference 2020

Professor Dr. Enrique Flores and Mr. Mark Boulet reflect on their experiences of practicing the SDGs in our everyday lives .

Featured talks of 2020

We collaborate with pioneers, activists, and environmental enthusiasts from all walks of life to bring their experiences and knowledge to our classrooms

A Planetary Emergency

Myra L Jackson says joy and happiness make the first SDG.

Being Latin-American in the Scientific World

Miguel Trejo shares sustainable approaches to flood resilience.

Participating institutions

YEAH is a 5-year project funded by the National Science Foundation

Grant number: DBI 2019049

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