The YEAH Global Virtual Conference held on Wednesday, December 09, 2020 spanned 4 hours with opening and closing plenary sessions to start and end the conference and 10 concurrent sessions enlisted below.






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Session Session titleLink
Opening plenary Dr. Joyeeta. Gupta and Dr. William Sutherland spoke on climate change and biodiversity.
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Session 1AZero Hunger, Good Health and Wellbeing (SDGs 2, 3, 4, 6)
Session 1BAffordable & Clean Energy and Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure (SDGs 7, 9)
Session 1CReduced Inequalities and Gender Equality (SDGs 2, 5, 10)
Session 1DClimate Action (SDG 13)
Session 1EPeace, Justice, & Strong Institutions and Partnerships for the Goals (SDGs 13, 16, 17)
Session 2AInterdisciplinary SDG topics (SDG nexus spaces)
Session 2BIndustry, Innovation & Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities & Communities (SDGs 9, 11)
Session 2CResponsible Consumption & Production (SDG 12)
Session 2DClimate Action and Good Health & Wellbeing (SDGs 3, 13)
Session 2ELife Below Water and Life on Land (SDGs 14, 15)
Closing plenary sessionDr. Enrique Flores and Mr. Mark Boulet discussed common behaviours regarding the SDGs.
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Please see below for authors and titles of oral talks and poster presentations included in the YEAH Global Virtual Conference.

Session 1A

Emily Faulks, Janniry Belen, Andres Sweetland
Sustainable Development Goal 3: Mental Health and Well-Being

Melissa Morales, Maria Fernanda Ridoutt, Alec Buttner, Bryn Bernier, Eila Sullivan, Matthew Viozzi, Hannah Masling
The Power of Quality Education

Jessica O’Reilly, Kenna Malott
Clean Water

G. Sarah Bredy, Rebecca Horetsky, Becky Petrou O’Rourke, Jamie Poirier, Ashley Roes, and Rachel Xue
SDG 2 – Zero Hunger; Case Study: UN World Food Programme (WFP)

Annayelli Pacheco
Oaxaca & Climate Change: Preserving the Environment & Indigenous, Medicinal Knowledge

Session 1B

Lucy Mellen
The United States’ Renewable Energy Utilization

Garion Johnson, Gonzalo Jose Manuel Neira Chacate, Paul Levasseur, and Andrew Goodolf, Ally Murphy Pauletto
Internet Expansion Plan Proposal in Developing Countries: Peru as a Case Study

Iuliia Tcibulnikova
Glitter in make up as microplastics: comparative life cycle analysis of biodegradable and plastic glitter

Luke Huels
Internet Instability: The risks posed by climate change

Session 1C

Maxine Slattery, Eden Floyd, Vyshnavi Kosuri, Christine Liao, Maia Adley
Americans For Tax Fairness and Reducing Inequalities

Jessica McClintock-Ortiz
Climate Change and Corn: The threat to Mexican Livelihoods

Elyse Goin, Allison Ludlow, Shauna Devoy, Rodney Berger, Cassie Allson, Chenwei Z.
Urban Green Spaces and Sustainability

Sydney Johnson
The Intersectionality of Environmental and Societal Well-Being in Reducing Inequalities

Session 1D

Christopher Dorich, Cherrie Donoghue, Megan Farish, Rachel Cox, Ellie Orme, Kathiana Aznaran, Ursala Fiorela Navarro Abarca, Taylor Sanders, Matthew Woods, Macey Halgren
Climate Action Plans for Universities in the YEAH! Network

Ben Bridges
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Policy in Southeast Alaska

Sara Mills
Green Imperialism in French Polynesia

Beverley Thompson
Preparing for the Inevitable Low-Carbon Economy: Current Actions of the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, and the Russian Federation

Meloddy Gao
The Power of Film in the Climate Crisis

Session 1E

Leo Banks
Institutionalization of Climate Finance in the Green Climate Fund

Ariana Katz
Disparate Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Communities in the Arctic Region

Mary Gerrity, Chris McCormick, Nana Ueno, Wuillian Pineda
Timeline of Uluru- Kata Tjuta

Alessandro Caprini; Aneeqah Tariq; Cecilia Consalvo; Max van Deursen; Sofie de Wit.
Future Pathways for Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE)

Casmali Lopez, Veena Namboodri, Emily Mehlhop, Trevor Cunningham, Albaraa Mesawi
Police Brutality and State Violence: A Global Phenomenon

Session 2A

Clément Astruc-Delor, Margot Legal – Baptiste Arnaud, Niels Dutrievoz, Lana Lenourry, Olivier Smith
Early Career Scientists Sailing with SDGs to Antarctica

Jin Tanaka and Mituru Tada
The Kankyo Café method of environmental dialogue and SDGs

Joe Burke, Gabby Hagewiesche, and Kylie Rude
Cerro Azul Meambar

Jake Arculli, Sean Dunbar, Lucia Daranyi, Emily Faulks, Zach Ginn, Casmali Lopez, Victoria Rosa, Adel Salih, Carmen Villalba
Talanoa Dialogues on the SDGs

Eric Salzeider
The Effects of Palm Oil on the Habitats, Biodiversity, and Environment of Populations in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Session 2B

Tori Applehans, Marissa Lopez, Ethan Wagenseller, Stojan Hansen
Ngorongoro Conservation Area & the Maasai

Lauren Wisniewski
The Influence of Urban Planning on Sustainable Lifestyles

Keeley Bombard, Abigail Kahn, Ashley Pung, Matthew Folan, Rebecca Hyatt, and Xingpei Zhang
Smart Cities Council: Creating an Impact Through SDG 11

Shardul Tiwari
Pump Underground Storage Hydro (PUSH)

Shilpy Arora
Community Participation and Sustainable Livelihoods: A Case Study of Hiware Bazar (India)

Session 2C

Daniella Calvimontes, Zofia Frieberg, Mazey Hall, Victoria Rosa, Carmen Villalba, Christopher Wilson, Jack Kirby
The Relationship Between Producer Transparency and Sustainable Consumption

Anna Wysocki, Joy Pereira, Katie Greene, Emma Perme, Josh Yamada, Patlapa Sompolpong
Case Studies of Eco-Tourism in Tunisia

Marria Peduto
A Comparative Analysis of China and Indonesia’s Adaptation Techniques for Rice Production

Jenna Lentz
Shade Grown Coffee In Costa Rica

Alexis S. Pascaris
Agrivoltaics: Exploring the Opportunities & Barriers to Combined Solar and Agriculture Systems

Session 2D

Aman Patel
Local ocean conservation- a Kenyan marine-life NGO

Margaret VanSchaik
Climate Change and Jamaican Agriculture: Addressing Impacts on Small-Scale Farmers

Serena Natonabah, Marti Zolnir, Tracey Malter
Hauscarán National Park: Chavin Culture Through the Lens of Traditional Artwork

Tracey Hale
Experience of Application of SDGs from Theory to Practice

Chinmayee Sakhare
India’s current heatwave and flooding crisis

Session 2E

Emma Conrad-Rooney, Zach Ginn, Chelsea Hill, Anna Kurkierewicz, Abby Mikolitis, Karina Calizaya Torre, Barbara Grados Vargas, Paula Lopez Vargas, Sharon Vizcarra, Ziqi Wu, and Connor Zamora
Effects of Deforestation on Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Case Studies from the United States, Peru and the United Kingdom

Amy Zhou
SIDS & Changing Lands

Matt Laffey, Victoria Oliu, McKenleigh Spitler
Bialowieza Forest

Elizabeth Madura, Ally Bormann, Claire Silvestre
Khao Sok National Park

Allison Uri, Dasha Petrova, Alex Burks
Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica