For Partners

 ~ What are the responsibilities of a YEAH partner?

The responsibilities of YEAH partners will vary among individuals. However, all partners will be expected to keep up with weekly calls (either synchronously or asynchronously via recordings and call notes), mentor students, connect your class with the YEAH network, and guide teams for our global virtual conference. Some partners may be involved in selecting fellows, providing some regular support and input to a fellow, and providing module content. 

~ How can my organization become a YEAH partner?

To get involved with the YEAH network, please visit this page [send to application page]. Our network will ask  you to submit a completed partner application. We will be in contact with you to discuss your organization and how we can best partner with our network.

For Fellows

~ What are the requirements for being a fellow?

Our YEAH fellows are either graduate or upper-level undergraduate students who are flexible, highly motivated, and passionate about teaching and climate science/policy. The fellow should have a background in ecology, environmental or physical science, policy, business, economics, or similar major background. Fellows should have experience with technology platforms (such as Zoom, Google Drive, Slack, WhatsApp, and/or Twitter) and working with teams. Furthermore, the YEAH fellow must be willing to commit to the required time structure of their reporting institution.

~ What kind of work do fellows do?

One of the great things about the YEAH network is that every fellow gets the opportunity to work on what they are interested in. Some fellows will experience leading a team as they explore case studies to create a project/presentation together. Other fellows may be in charge of module development, data analysis, website development, recruitment, and/or conference organizing. 

~ What is the time commitment for being a fellow?

Time commitment will vary from fellow to fellow. This is something that should be discussed with your reporting institution and/or PI. A fellow can work anywhere from 5-15 hours a week, this is also dependent on the individual fellow’s schedule because we understand that this is extracurricular for many of our fellows.

~ How are YEAH fellows chosen?

Once a completed fellow application [link] is submitted, it will be reviewed, and fellow candidates will be selected. This will be followed by an interview that will allow us to get to know you better and see if you are a good fit for the YEAH network. During this interview, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions to PI’s and current fellows of the YEAH network. Candidates will be chosen based on skills, qualities, and experience. 

~ What are the responsibilities of a YEAH fellow?

The responsibilities of each of our YEAH fellows can greatly differ. YEAH fellows are expected to participate in weekly meetings (recordings are offered to those who cannot attend synchronously), maintain contact with fellows and PI’s, and fulfill their role within the network. The roles can vary from module development, data analysis, website development, recruitment, conference organizing, and/or leading a team of students.  

~ How can I apply to be a YEAH fellow?

To apply to become a YEAH fellow, please visit this page [link]. Our network will ask you to submit a completed fellow application. We will be in contact with you if you are selected as a fellow 

~ Are there weekly meetings that partners and/or fellows have to attend?

Yes, the YEAH network hosts weekly meetings where attending synchronously is encouraged. However, there are recordings that are provided for those who only have the ability to join us asynchronously.